Undersky: The Eternal Saga App – Look, Who Got Featured on Windows Phone Store


Let’s start this week with great news!
The city-building app from Renatus Media, LLC was granted even 3 prominent promotional spots on Windows Phone Store these days. We’re talking about the ‘featured app’ category, a sign of privilege in the world of mobile apps.

On December 8-9 and 12 various parts of the world could feel the double-power spell cast by Undersky: The Eternal Saga.

USA, French-speaking regions of Canada and France are the targeted markets.
The publisher hopes that the game’s fantasy plot, unseen mix of strategy, card collecting and farming mechanics, turn-based crowd fights, customizable units, now supported with a sort of quality mark from Windows Phone Store, could not but seduce users into downloading it and starting a kingdom-building venture.

Dear players, if you haven’t tried Undersky: The Eternal Saga yourself, look for it in on Windows Phone Store!

Thanks Windows Phone Store!
You’re connecting people and apps.
Posted by Renatus on December 10, 2013