Renatus Brings Undersky: The Eternal Saga to Windows Phone Store


Hands up if you ever wanted to get inside a beautiful fairy-tale!
Obviously, you’re more into the real world rather than virtual, as this was made possible months ago.

The door to the fanciful world of Guardarius was unlocked by Renatus Media, LLC this fall. An amazing app “Undersky: The Eternal Saga” was launched on two major mobile platforms.
We had iOS, now Windows Phone stole the show.
This free-to-play joy game is fully packed with hooks to catch all kinds of players!
★ Eat the bait, if you’re…a city-building fan. Undertake the mission of building a kingdom on a floating isle, lovingly upgrading every building, step by step.
★ Fish it out of the Windows Phone app “pond” if you’re… in love with crowd fights. Master the turn-based battle system involving dragons, wizards, archers and swordsmen as warriors.
★ Get hooked if you’re… a collector. Use over 50 collectible magic cards to improve units, watch your army getting unbeatable.
The seemingly peaceful Undersky’s kingdom needs a rough and tough ruler to handle every trouble.

If you’re up to the challenge, better download the app right now on:
Windows Phone app store 

Posted by Renatus on December 03, 2013