Top Money Making Games on Facebook, iOS and Android in August 2014. Infographics.

Infographics: game genres

Gaming industry trends are something half-built by mainstream corporations and half-formed by the public likings. As a laborious pupil, Renatus tracks and learns what is trendy today from the market data available on the web.

The focus of our latest analysis covered the monetary side of things. We’ve analyzed games hitting the top 100 grossing lists on Facebook, iPad, iPhone and Android in August 2014.

Check out the infographics to single out the best money makers on the world’s gaming market!

                                                                                                                                                                            Top 10 Grossing Games of August 2014

We’ve got two leaders here. Casino games and strategies share the first place: risky apps dominate on Facebook and iPad, while the remaining platforms form a strategy realm. Puzzles follow right behind them resting on the second lines across 3 top charts out of 4. Now, which titles were the third (or shall we say the 4th) best in August in terms of revenue? Simulations. The games that “copy” certain environments and put players inside have gathered enough in-apps on iPhone and Facebook to hit the top grossing list.

Taking a closer look at the best-selling titles, we can see a certain struggle between strategy apps and puzzles: there’s a craze over Clash of Clans and Game of War - Fire Age on mobile (#1 and #3 in the top grossing list, correspondingly), while Facebook is still under a match 3 spell called Candy Crush Saga (which also holds the 2nd place across mobile). Doubledown Casino app and Farmville (simulation) are also among the top 3 revenue yielding apps on Facebook.
So the bottomline is that you’ve got 2 options while planning your next mobile or social game. You can either make a strategy/match 3/casino app or try to fill a not-so-popular market niche with some mind-blowing RPG or Trivia with considerably lower competition.

We hope that you find this information helpful. Read, digest and share your opinions in the comments below!

Posted by Renatus on September 05, 2014