Success in Figures: Renatus Games Show Good Progress on Facebook


The first days of 2014 coincided with amazing news for the team behind Mystery Revenge: Hidden Evidence, a promising hidden object game published by Renatus. Obviously, people loved the idea of roaming the streets of a futuristic 'sin city' in the shoes of a detective who's trying to 'find it all' and solve the crime. How else would you explain the recent stats that crashed game creators with more than 105K monthly active Facebook players!

To make it even more sweeter, we are happy to announce that the number of monthly active users playing another, not less immersive HOG title Ravenhill Asylum, exceeded 200К аs compared to only 15К tracked in early October. It seems that the creepy rooms of asylum will soon double up the crowd of game fans.

Renatus has a good history with Facebook with almost every our app getting a prominent place in its App Center. The role-playing adventure game Brave Tales, emerging in a pop-up with featured-only games, is no exception – it hit a 80K monthly users milestone and is not going to slow down.

Renatus team would like to thank all of you, guys, who brought these successes to our games. Your support makes us try harder each day to bring the best game experience with every product released under Renatus brand!

Dear gamers, we strongly recommend you playing our Facebook hits on mobile, too! Check out links to mobile versions here:
Mystery Revenge: Hidden Evidence
Ravenhill Asylum

Posted by Renatus on January 08, 2014