Sophy Adventures: More Rewards Now!


Good news for all fans and newbie players of Sophy Adventures, an awesome hidden object game published by Renatus: an attractive update is finally out! We would jokingly call it a ‘no mercy’ update! Read more to find out why…

As you might remember, the main mission of Sophy, a young and courageous girl, is to find a Chintamany stone, which can magically bring back her parents that have been lost in one of their journeys. While completing multiple levels and finding objects, Sophy visits all corners of the world and meets the most unique characters. However, it’s not all that smooth as she will also have many challenges including fighting with enemies. Killing them in the most sophisticated ways will let her earn some extra money.

Recently, the generous developers decided to multiply the monetary bonuses in an update. You’ll be able to enjoy the following newly added features:
* Bigger rewards for enemies’ killing
* More health and coins earned with each level-up
* Additional panels for monsters’ killing rewards
* More money for posting on Facebook
* Premium locations are unlocked at reduced rate
Download and enjoy the game! You will personally see that the most merciless to his enemies takes it all!
Posted by Renatus on June 16, 2013