Renatus welcomes you in a new gamedev season


Renatus welcomes you in a new gamedev season
To keep pace with the rapidly evolving gaming market, you must try to be innovative, flexible in your aspirations and constantly track new game trends. Here are the main trends due to which the mobile gaming market will continue its rapid growth.

Brand PR
As the cost of traffic is growing and return of investments is getting more difficult, people choose to reduce promotional costs.

Work on quality
A popular brand will attract an audience, but this is not enough. To keep the players’ interest you have to offer something bigger than just a Brand name. You need your players to be deeply involved in gameplay so if the game is bad, the audience will not stay there for long.

It’s better for developer to engage and retain more users, even if they do not pay. The benefit consists in viral aspect and advertisement that serve as additional monetization tools.
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Renatus is also expanding its horizons and exploring new development opportunities,now we’ve become interested in new genres and platforms. And we will be happy if you could take part in our survey for developers, we believe it can help us find a common way for cooperation.
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Posted by Renatus on February 10, 2016