Get IT! 2013 Report


Renatus sponsored Get IT! conference Get IT, which took place in Kharkiv, Ukraine, 27 Apr 2013

The company entered Get IT!, international game conference. Main topics of the conference covered technical game development issues and innovations. There were lots of outstanding presentations about graphics and tools. However, the success of any game is still achieved by a proper publishing, so the mission of the sponsorship was not only to help developers gather with each other into such a great event, but to share the publishing experience and attain the most brilliant ideas for a further growing and investment.

Rostislav Checkmarev, Renatus' investment and development manager, performed a great speech: “From Idea to Success”, that covered the latest mobile game marketing trends and statistics, showing a strong necessity of working with publisher to make your game enter and hold the top market positions, just like the most of Renatus products.

Posted by Renatus on May 01, 2013