Renatus Is on Its Way to Sociality Rocks!


Always development! – is a formula of success of unknown Japanese businessman that was re-told for many times to finally appear on your screens. And it works perfectly well to describe the strategy of prominent social and mobile games publisher – Renatus .Sociality Rocks! – is no formula, but a name of one of the biggest international conferences held in Eastern Europe, and another step towards development.

Invariably dedicated to social and mobile games, this event offers a 2-day tour across the modern gaming trends, forecasts and productive strategies of making one’s product successful.

Kyiv, the welcoming capital of Ukraine, will host over 500 participants on September 25-26. The list of speech makers is impressive: during two conference days the most brilliant reports from Wooga, 6waves, Room 8, Game Insight, Tatem Games, JoyRocks and other IT-titans will be presented, raising and answering the most urgent gaming industry issues.

Sociality Rocks! got its name not only from its social games orientation, but also due to Socializing Hub and frequent socializing breaks between speeches. This is the best ocassion to exchange business experience, discuss essential game-related issues and present your projects in order to establish a long-lasting cooperation.You can meet Renatus team there. It’s looking for talents, so don’t hesitate to share your ideas!
Posted by Renatus on September 24, 2013