Renatus Reveals Details of Game Design Golden Byte 2015 Finals


Yevgenia Gonchar, who was judging the projects of young game industry talents on behalf of Renatus team at Golden Byte 2015 Finals, shared the event impressions and her personal vision of the “youth of IT nation”. 

Altogether the judges reviewed 17 projects in the Game Design category, at least a third of which were close to be called full-fledge and about halfway to launch on the application store. Sadly for Renatus, none of them belonged to Match 3 genre.

According to Yevgenia, Odessa turned out to be the city, where the most talented and promising gamedev teams are raised. Two of them, by the way, were named among the three winners in the Game Design nomination (#1 and #3), and the silver prize got to the hands of young game experts from Lviv.

Warm Milk team presented a visually enticing quest about a boy exploring the dream world that has won the main trophy. But the special prize from Renatus (notebook, remember?) went to another team - the trio calling themselves “Ice Cube”, who made Android platformer with a quality art and perfectly well thought-out story about a girl named Luna destined to fight against the feline invaders. You could see their happy faces on the pics.    

Summing it up, we may proudly state that Ukrainian IT beginners (the youngest being only 12 years of age) are naturally talented and bursting with enthusiasm. Though they still have to learn more about the games market and business, they’ve already made their first steps to the great future by participating in Golden Byte!

That’s how things worked out for the Game Design nominees.
If you’re curious to know the winners of other 9 categories, please visit the official Golden Byte website.   

Posted by Renatus on April 27, 2015