Renatus Released Its Undersky: the Eternal Saga App for Amazon Tablets


As strategy game fans create skilled armies in the ethereal Guardarius on their mobiles, the publishing company that opened it to the gaming world in Undersky: the Eternal Saga app is capturing new territories.

A couple of days ago, this city-building game was launched on the Amazon Appstore. Now, any Amazon Kindle tablet owner is welcome to download the app for free and enjoy its amazing features, like:

✰ mission of building a mighty kingdom floating in the air
✰ turn-based fights against fantasy creatures
✰ character upgrades with special collectible cards
✰ dragons and wizards as army units, and many more.

To get the free-to-play Undersky: the Eternal Saga app on your device, you can now enter one of the following stores:
Windows Phone Store

Undersky: the Eternal Saga is an enchanting blend of magic, myth and science!

Posted by Renatus on December 30, 2013