Renatus Visited MDDay in Odessa


Imagine bright sunlight, the Black Sea and ocean of mobile developers! They came there from all corners of Russia and Ukraine to share experience, boast of new ideas and ‘bite’ a piece of valuable information at Mobile Developer Day 2013.Dedicated to mobile applications development, the event featured many talented speakers.

Such companies as Samsung, Room8, iVengo, Marmalade, Octopod, Wyse Games, Intel and many other let everyone into their business philosophies.

Renatus team visited Odessa in search of new contacts and fresh mobile game ideas. Nice move, as there were some. Communication with like-minded community, highly interesting and surprising reports made time fly by for all involved into mobile industry.

Crazy Hackophone, a brand new type of event borrowed from foreign countries, drew every eye. Forty hours with no sleep, with only snacks and stunning ideas waiting to be immediately fulfilled. The representatives of Renatus studied every Hackophone project to find the most promising and talented developers.To celebrate a fruitful conference, the after-party was held. Held on the roof, it offered magnificent night city views and hinted at prospects of future meetings waiting beyond the horizon.

Wanna find out more?Watch a short news report by Business channel (in Ukrainian):

Posted by Renatus on August 14, 2013