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Welcome to DevGAMM, the top international conference dedicated to mobile, social and online games! At Renatus, we are happy to organize this event for gaming industry professionals to exchange experience, establish new partnerships and showcase their products.DevGAMM has brought together game developers and publishers since 2008, and now we are going to take it to the new level!

See you at the new DevGAMM in Kyiv on 7-8th December, 2013. 

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Renatus gives DevGAMM new horizons10th September, 2013The international conference DevGAMM, dedicated to mobile and online games, has found a new investor: successful American game publisher Renatus Media, LLC.

A few months ago the event known as FlashGAMM was renamed to DevGAMM, marking a new direction for the conferences development. “Since 2008, when FlashGAMM first took place in Kiev, the focus on Flash technologies has been shifting”, says Valeria Mallayeva, DevGAMM CEO. “Every year the number of participants, their presentations and the diversity of technical solutions has been growing. Therefore, we feel as though we’ve outgrown the existing format. Renatus Media Company’s involvement in the conference gives us an opportunity to make that shift. I believe that with their help the DevGAMM brand will become even more recognized”.

Renatus Media, LLC is a leading company-publisher dealing with mobile and social, casual and mid-core games. Now the company’s portfolio consists of more than 30 games and 10 game development studios in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Renatus was founded in 2012. In less than 12 months it gained 10 million active monthly users worldwide and became a leading publisher. The company’s most popular games include Slots Journey, Slotoquest, I Need a Hero, Bubble Origins, Bubble Chronicles, Bubble Journey and Bubble Pirate Quest.
“Some game publishers organize these sorts of conferences.” says Mark Watt, the President of Renatus Media, LLC. “It’s a matter of image for some of them, while for others it’s an attempt to follow the fashion. Organizing DevGAMM, as we see it, is more than an attempt to be at the center of the gaming industry, or a desire to have our own place to meet game developers and explore new products and studios. For us, it’s a matter of helping talented CIS-based teams to find their way into the international market. We believe that sharing knowledge and experience is important and useful not only for those who personally participate in the conference, but also for the industry as a whole.”Due to the changes to the DevGAMM conference sponsor and owner, some of the programs will face changes as well. For example, far more emphasis is expected to be given to game development. Whereas in the past the conference maintained a balanced focus on marketing and development, participants can now expect up to four speeches addressing development issues for every speech on marketing. The American-based sponsor is also going to help draw attention from well-known speakers from around the world, including the USA. The strategy of the organizers will also include involving more middle-size publishers. All these sweeping changes being made to event are aimed at making it the most interesting event in the B2B segment.

Everyone is welcome to come see the results of the DevGAMM and Renatus’ collaboration on December 7-8, 2013 in Kyiv!

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DevGAMM is an international conference dedicated to mobile and online games. It has been held twice per year since 2008. A distinctive feature of the conference is the perfect balance between informative and issue-oriented technical and marketing presentations and is intended exclusively for professionals (tickets are not available for students)
Posted by Renatus on October 02, 2013