Renatus Talks On Sociality Rocks!

- How did it go?
- Three words: games, dialogues and rock’n'roll…

Yes, Renatus team had a really good time at Sociality Rocks!


Held in Kiev, the conference featured more than half a thousand participants, all a bit crazy about social and mobile games. Being the only Eastern European social event dedicated to gaming industry, Sociality Rocks! has been truly a breath of fresh air for local game developers, publishers and marketing specialists.Renatus, a company focused on social and mobile game publishing, went to the capital of Ukraine too in search of new ideas and partners, of course. Its team listened to a number of speeches from G5, Tatem Games, Wooga, Room 8 and other successful IT companies to learn the essential lessons of ‘right & wrong’ in gaming industry.

Yet, the primary aim of Renatus team was to establish new useful contacts. And they certainly DID it! Socializing Hub and discussion panels were bursting out with extraordinary, innovative ideas, so all they had to do was to catch the right one.In addition to great lots of business acquaintances, Renatus got pleased by the fact that it made a sort of contribution to the Sociality Rocks! success. DevGAMM conference, sponsored by the company, was one of media partners of the “rock event”. It’s absolutely great that mutual support and partnership have already become a tradition among such kind of conferences held every year in the CIS countries.
Posted by Renatus on October 02, 2013