The city of sleeping lions is waiting for Renatus on GameDev Conference


Lviv gladly welcomes Renatus team to its ancient and beautiful soil.

We are about to visit GameDev Conference 2014, the third annual event for game developers held in Lviv, Ukraine. Furthermore, Renatus Media is proud to be a Gold Sponsor at GameDev Conference 2014 and come into all its activities.

This time, over 250 active participants will gather to learn and discuss more about gaming industry including iPhone, Social, Android, Flash, Browser MMO and PC Games.

This event will be informative for game studios owners, indie game developers, publishers, designers, musicians, freelancers, everyone who’d like to keep up with gaming industry.To make the event more content-rich, the program will include two flows:
• GameDev Business
• GameDev Tech.

Don’t miss Renatus’ report about Game Promotion and many other speaker presentations, panel discussions, game lynches and workshops!

Posted by Renatus on February 06, 2014