Renatus Enters SNCE


Renatus successfully entered SNCE: Social Networking Congress & Expo, which took place in Moscow, Russia, 11-12 Apr 2013.

The company shared its rich marketing and publishing experience with a live professional community of game developers, startuppers and social media experts. Moreover, Renatus took part in Speed Dealing as an investor performing over 20 interesting meetings with different start-ups that presented both games and social projects. [Read more]

The spikes in mobile gaming market dynamics show us a brand new app stores conjuncture. The fight for the top ranks is becoming tougher because of “big players” approach. Their attention is focused on occupying all possible market niches. Within this kind of circumstances “newbies” remain unattended even if they are capable to produce a high quality product. But at the same time some amateur products pull ahead to the top positions of app store rankings without huge marketing investments and experience. The question is whether it’s worth to develop a game independently or search for a reliable publisher. That is an essential part of growth strategy. Take a look at our report (in Russian) and, perhaps, you’ll find the answer:

Posted by Renatus on April 17, 2013