Renatus & DevGAMM: two days of total game awesomeness


DevGAMM conference organized by Renatus Media became the biggest event for game developers in Eastern Europe this year. It took place in Kiev, Ukraine on December 7-8 and gathered more than 1300 participants from different parts of the world. According to many satisfied guests, it was “cool”, “fun”, “awesome”, “informative” and “helpful”.

We are proud to organize this awesome event for everyone involved in both developing and playing games!

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Day one
The tagline of this day was “With a great number of participants, comes great line to the wardrobe.” At 9 o’clock large groups of people started to arrive at the conference venue. Some had already got their badges the day before at Badge PickUp Mingle organized by Renatus, which saved them from the biggest wardrobe line Rus Hotel ever seen. The majority of them were foreign guests who happened to fly in the same day and were preparing for their speeches or adjusting their booths. DevGAMM and Renatus attracted representatives from Rovio, Zeptolab, Wargaming, Amanita Design, Nevosoft, G5, and Vkontakte, who appeared to be the nicest and funniest people we’ve ever met.
So the registration started and people crowded the hall. Lots of them already knew each other, although DevGAMM really helped in meeting colleagues, friends and long-lost acquaintances.

DevGAMM opened its doors to indie developers who were standing there, gaping, having their eyes glued on Jakub Dvorský, Anastasios Katopodis, Yury Delendik and others. Those who weren’t too shy came up and asked questions, good thing everyone was eager to share their knowledge.
This year DevGAMM premiered GAMM: Play, where all game developers had an opportunity to showcase their games. And Renatus found several great projects there. We hope that this new section will come to stay as a part of the conference.
Speed Game Dating is something that helped everyone to reevaluate developer-publisher relations. Of course 3 minutes are not enough to come to any conclusion, but it’s a good thing everyone could discuss the possibility of cooperation later.
The after-party organized by Picaboum is worth remembering, lots of new connections were established there, lots of balloons popped and beer glasses emptied.

Day two
Sunday wasn’t so hectic in the morning the DevGAMM crowd tried to overcome the hangover and slowly filled the halls. People sprawled to different presentations, while some eager developers continued bombing publishers with their ideas. The most interesting thing about this day was Game Lynch, where 5 judges decided the fate of 5 games. Those weren’t ordinary people, but rather the representatives of huge game companies. They won over hearts of every person in the room with their humor, straightforwardness and quality comments.
Their analysis deserves to get quoted while their tequila obsession is something to change in the future.
All above said, DevGAMM is a wonderful place for every game professional, for every indie developer with dreams and inspiration, for every geek who’s passionate about gaming industry.
See you at the next event DevGAMM Moscow 2014!

Posted by Renatus on December 12, 2013