Official Press Release

US-based games publisher Renatus Media, LLC announced the sale of its assets of the largest conference for game developers in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

The decision resulted from shift in DevGAMM event’s core focus. The key feature of DevGAMM is that attendants’ interests prevail over the organizer’s ones in determining the content of sessions. To meet the current demand of its permanent participants, the conference’s profile has seen a major change over the last 1,5 year and the focus shifted from social and mobile gaming towards PC and console games. 

Renatus company acquired DevGAMM event back in 2013. Before that the conference was known as FlashGAMM. It was said that the acquisition was part of Renatus’ strategy of using the event as a marketing tool for taking positions in the social and mobile games market of CIS countries.

Considering that for Renatus DevGAMM was image-first and commercial-second project, and the core value of customer orientation for the company’s management, the representatives of Renatus and the managing director Lerika Mallayeva agreed that DevGAMM assets should be sold by Renatus on mutually beneficial terms.
The conference will be then fully controlled by Lerika Mallayeva which means ongoing flexibility of the event’s profile and adjustment to the interests of the attendants, not the investors. 

‘We faced a dilemma, of whether it’s necessary to sacrifice the traditions of DevGAMM for the sake of Renatus’ business goal, or rather to keep them alive. We respect the opinion of permanent audience, and this was the key factor in decision-making. Renatus has cooperated with DevGAMM team for 3 years, long enough to say that guys are true enthusiasts. And now they have an opportunity to create an event that would be a 100% fit to CIS gaming industry demands. The sale of assets doesn’t mean we will cease to support the conference; we definitely will, but on a different scale’, Renatus’ COO Vadim Filippov stated.

‘Cooperation with Renatus was a truly productive time in history of DevGAMM. 3 years of common efforts turned conference into a leading event in the territory of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. I’m very proud of the growth the conference has experienced over this period. Now it’s time to set new ambitious goals’, DevGAMM’s managing director Lerika Mallayeva commented.  

And the goals have already been announced: two DevGAMM events are expected to take place in CIS territory, one in Moscow on May 18-19 and another one in Minsk on November 16-17. On top of that, the team is going to hold a ‘secret’ event in Seattle, USA (one-day summit set on July 31, 2017) and make comeback to Kyiv in February 2018.

We’d like to note that despite Renatus will no longer organize DevGAMM event, the teams will remain friends and partners. So see you at DevGAMM Moscow 2017 in May!

Posted by Renatus on January 26, 2017