Reminder for Game Developers: Get Free Facebook and Mobile Traffic for your Match 3 Game


Got a modest budget? Or just want to cut marketing costs for your project? You’ve got to the right place! This fall Renatus Media initiated a special offer to help talented Match 3 game makers in marketing their apps, and it’s still on.

To apply you should have an off-the-shelf Match 3 game. That’s a rule. By Match 3 here we mean any game with tile-matching, cluster-breaking, trace-a-line, or bubble-shooting mechanics where you have to align a certain number of the same pieces in a row/cluster/or else.

Got one? Great! Then click here and fill out a form. 
Next, it will get to the hands of Renatus Media’s experts and be thoroughly examined. If the main success criteria, such as good setting, appealing art, unique content, are satisfied you’ll become a lucky traffic winner.

The amount of traffic depends on the platform of a winning game: Renatus gives 30,000 installs for a Facebook game, and 10,000 installs for a mobile one.

Traffic is not the only thing to pursue here. Even if you don’t win freebie installs, you will definitely win feedback from a panel of game industry professionals. They’ve got over 30 titles launched behind and most of them successful.     There’s no deadline for submitting, but keep in mind: it’s the early bird who catches the worm.

Find two minutes in your busy schedule to fill out this form, and wait before a torrent of installs comes by.
Good luck!

Posted by Renatus on November 18, 2014