Ravenhill Asylum – New ‘Face’ on Facebook


We are glad to announce that Ravenhill Asylum is expanding into new virtual territories. Today this hidden object game is on Facebook!

The idea of introducing Ravenhill Asylum into the world-wide social network was dictated by successful game launch on mobile markets. Ravenhill Asylum is already published by Renatus on Google Play and Amazon, so why not reach new peaks?

Dive into the gripping search in Ravenhill Asylum premises. A life-threatening mission amid traditional horror movie sceneries is getting easier to complete: your Facebook friends are closer now to offer you a helping hand. Now you can look for various items, fight evil creatures and share game results with your friends even faster.

Don’t be afraid! Creepy atmosphere and charismatic characters, wide range of collectible or purchasable items and all other mobile version features are available on Facebook.No more words… The time has come to have a trip to gloomy corridors of mental house in Ravenhill Asylum:https://apps.facebook.com/ravenhillasylum !
Posted by Renatus on August 06, 2013