Puzzle Tale Is Out on Facebook to Set New Genre Mix Fashion


Every time you get your hands on new game, there are only two scenarios of what is going to happen. It's going to be a smash or a clone.

To make your game smashing, new genre solutions are often needed. Renatus, the successful game publisher, has just launched a very uncommon app that blends match 3 and – wait for it – city building genres. Welcome the Puzzle Tale, ladies and gentlemen!

This hybrid-puzzler invites players to rebuild a kingdom in the enchanted forest. By making curvy ¨trace the line¨ matches they earn resources and add various buildings to the map – a mine, a bakery, a hen house, a coal storage, and a long-long list of others to choose from.

Puzzle Tale has 3 round-the-clock locations to collect food/wood/coal, a market to trade or buy, and special houses to change one thing for another. A great number of match 3 playground complications is perfectly balanced with a scope of buffs and rare abilities one gets for development of the kingdom.

Don't think Puzzle Tale will leave you with 'The End' titles right after you fill the coffers and restore the kingdom walls. This game is something to play for months!

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Posted by Renatus on February 20, 2014