Nuclear Farm: Aurora Proceeds To Facebook


Brilliant news for RPG fans!
Yesterday Nuclear Farm: Aurora was available only to VK users, and today this ‘antiutopian dish’ appears in the Facebook menu.

Play it right now if you like massive real-time battles amid postapocalyptic sceneries! A relatively new blend of RPG and adventure game launched by Renatus will transfer you to the future.
Ruins, ugly mutants, chaos and trash scattered all over the township – a rather depressing sight, isn’t it? Devastated by nuclear explosion, the world is in a state of war. Survivors have formed clans and fight each other massively to get resources.

To play Nuclear Farm: Aurora, you’ll need a complete set of ‘true warrior’ skills: knowledge of strategy, combat tactics, economic foresight and many others. Otherwise, you don’t have a chance of surviving in the world of utmost violence.

Think you’re tough enough to stand against hostile clans?Go to Facebook and play the game!Visit Nuclear Farm: Aurora App page to join Nuclear Farm fans!
Posted by Renatus on September 10, 2013