Jump, Toy, Jump - Play New Puzzle Game by Renatus on Facebook


Renatus Media has presented Sweet Smash Story, the first game inspired by a true story of a dog. One of the game makers brought his son’s fluffy pup Toy to the world of online games in a captivating match 3 adventure on Facebook.

If your father is a game developer, forget asking him to buy toy soldiers or trucks. Do as a 3-year-old son of Playcream studio developer - ask dad to make a game about your pet! Today is one of the happiest days for this kid, as his pup Toy becomes a star with the app going live on Facebook. 
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This social match 3 app tells a story of a cute dog, reminiscing about the first birthday party he had with his animal friends. The game is set in a photo album, where each level is a memorable photo card. And the sweet twist is that players unlock pictures of an actual doggy as they play. 

The 90-level adventure seats players at the b-day table to fulfill a number of tasks, like blowing a candle, picking up cherries or collecting all cake ingredients of one color. As you collapse two and more blocks of same color away, Toy or one of the party animals hops up hilariously to make you smile. 

No less hilarious are the hamsters you can use to power up your skills on levels. They ride rockets, flash all rainbow lights and do other crazy things to boost your progress. 

Sweet Smash Story holds plenty of cute / sweet / touching moments, but it never feels like a schmoopy kind of thing. So if you want to soften somebody’s brutal heart, just let him play the game about a white nasty pup Toy.  

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Posted by Renatus on September 30, 2014