Super Cat Got a Name! Results of Bubble Milk Hero Contest Are Announced


The contest is over, and we must say… you did it, fans! With you help the hilarious Super Cat from Bubble Milk Hero finally got his own name.

Bubble Milk Hero was launched just a month ago. But we’re glad to say that the Best Cat’s Name contest made a stir on Facebook with over 300 active participants and 20 best names to pick from. After hours of disputing over the winner and laughing at your kitties’ funny pics, we decided that Simbo name is the one. 

So meet Simbo, an alter ego of Super Cat! Instead of blasting aliens with bubbles like the superhero, Simbo is a cubicle drone living an ordinary life of a clumsy weird introvert. But under that ordinary grey suit a heart of a real hero is beating fast always ready to shoot bubbles and have fun while saving the planet. 

As promised, the lucky winner will get a huge milky bonus: 10,000 milk drops! Hope, that’ll be just enough till our next contest. And other participants will enjoy other useful treats in the game.
Thanks for taking part, and see you in Bubble Milk Hero!

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Posted by Renatus on November 20, 2014