New and Improved: I Need a Hero!


Brace yourselves, dedicated fans of this funny free-to-play match3 game. Global update is coming!
If you are a lucky owner of Android device then you probably already know it. I Need a Hero got a lot of new yummy features!

Tired of time limitations? Always need a few seconds more? Good news, there will be no timers anymore. So there is no need to constantly check the watch.Go diagonal! Our life was pretty boring with just linear matches, now that is not the problem.

So many foes can be defeated with just one diagonal touch. But it wasn’t just to fuel your fantasy, our heroes and enemies are getting stronger every day. Fight after fight, they obtain new and unique abilities that need to be taken into account. Now there is a whole bunch of variables to consider while going deeper into gameplay.Cast a spell on your most vicious enemy! Donkey has become one hell of an animal with new gift to attack the enemy. But there is another piece of good news: our Boy is all grown up and in this new version he is strong and magical enough to weaken the nemesis.Every war camp needs a field kitchen.

And I Need a Hero is proud to introduce aunt Glasha! This bellicose woman is ready to stuff you with her delicious and nutritious meals. Don’t you ever let your Hero feel hungry!From now on, as soon as the player needs backup he can simply visit the tavern. This is a new place where everyone is friendly because they share the same goal: defeat all the foes. Inspire several companions to follow your Hero into the battle and you will learn what the united front means!Go check these new features for yourself!

I Need a Hero update available right now on Google Play
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Posted by Renatus on June 04, 2013