New Day - New Platform. Bubble Chronicles: Epic Travel Amazon Release


Do you hear the bubble popping sound? Not yet? Then let me tell you about the most excited thing we have for you today! Imagine two perplexed kids who just found out that their beloved grandfather disappeared. He really messed things up with his time machine and got lost somewhere in the endless number of epochs.

Children believed that they could retrieve their obsessed granddad from the time loop, and decided to follow him. It was a long-shot but they were ready to take it.

What does this story have to do with bubbles, you may ask? Everything! Smashing bubble shooter Bubble Chronicles: Epic Travel, published by Renatus is ready to win over “drone-operated” Amazon Store with its catchy story and eye-filling graphics. Everyone is invited to explore the ancient Earth shooting through match 3 missions on the back of thrilling historic eras.

We advise every owner of Kindle device to ignite their adventure spirit while cutting through inimitable Bubble Chronicles levels. Everything you heard about the complexity and versatility of this good-looking bubble shooter is pretty much true. This is not your ordinary time-killer, or maybe this is? There is only one way to know!

Another great thing about Bubble Chronicles: Epic Travel besides the fulfilling story and landmark graphics is the possibility to save and synchronize your progress among the devices. But remember there is always more to the game that we let you in on! So join the army of players around the world and download Bubble Chronicles: Epic Travel on:
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Posted by Renatus on May 28, 2014