Three In a Row: Minsk Hosted This Year’s Third DevGAMM Event


Renatus is happy to announce that the biggest CIS conference for developers and publishers has just become triannual. 

DevGAMM Minsk 2015 that took place on December 10-11 was highly important for Belarus that is getting used to hosting game industry events with around 1000 attendees including celebrity speakers and market leaders such as Unity, Facebook, Microsoft etc. The conference also marked the beginning of a new era for DevGAMM. Three big cities, three events and a large gaming community coming from 30 countries.

Always up-to-date content. 
The team behind DevGAMM keeps track of the most burning issues of the game industry and invites speakers with corresponding knowledge/experience to share. This Minsk event’s topics shifted radically from the usual social & mobile gaming towards VR and AR devices, e-sports, india apocalypse, two competitive online video services Twitch and Youtube to answer demands. 

Productive activities connecting people.
The list of DevGAMM specialty activities known as both very useful and fun-packed keeps growing. Service Showcase was soft-launched in Minsk in order to give additional space for service providers in the field of professional localization, video and audio services, etc. The top-visited Game Lynch where 5 games are deliberately tried by witty judges seems to have transformed into a living organism that is changing all the time. In Minsk “battling” was the main theme - within an hour the public has seen lightsabre fights and nerf gun duels that determined the winner.

Its own awards ceremony. 
In Minsk there were two, actually. The first ceremony named People of the Year was dedicated to people, not games. Held jointly with, it was meant to acclaim the most influential game industry minds across CIS. During the second one, DevGAMM Awards, 10 awards were given to creators of the best games with the Grand prize going to The Final Station by Oleg Sergeev and Andrey Rumak.    

Huge army of fans.
DevGAMM has already won big audiences of devotees in CIS territories and started expansion into the Western Europe with a premier launch in Hamburg this autumn. We believe that the event will continue to evolve and reach out to more people around the world. 

DevGAMM Minsk 2015 was simply a stunning closure of the highly productive year. 
Now you’ve got almost 5 months to prepare yourself for the next DevGAMM event that will start on May 12, 2016 in Moscow. 

Renatus team would like to wish everyone engaged in game making a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Posted by Renatus on December 22, 2015