IGames-Expo 2013: Welcome to the Gaming epicentre!


Tomorrow, on August 16, the capital of Ukraine will see the opening of massive international event IGames-Expo 2013.

From August 16 to 18, the core of gaming-related community will gather at International Computer Game and Electronic Entertainment Exhibition to discuss serious issues and have fun like never before.

One look at the program smashes away all doubts – it’s definitely worth visiting and seeing in your own eyes. Here’s why Renatus is already on their way to Kiev.

The organizers planned three wonderful days rich in events aimed at experience sharing, testing of game novelties and search of “fresh IT blood”. 

We advise you to:
  • enter the IGames Conference, if you’re interested in new trends, ideas, technologies within gaming industry

  • visit IGAMES TOURNEY, if you’re eager to test the most expected games and devices

  • participate in Shpil!-DAY, IGames YoYo or GAMER-JUNIOR, if you’re a game-geek

  • The IGames Conference is worthy of particular attention. On August 16, at 11 a.m. be in the first row to catch ideas of Renatus presented by its Marketing Communications Manager Ievgen Leonov. He will deliver a highly interesting speech on “How publishers choose games” at Section “DNK Game Development”. And at 5 p.m. you’ll have the opportunity to meet him at Round Table “Publishing & Investment”.Renatus team is always open to new ideas.
    Don’t miss the IGames-Expo 2013!
    Posted by Renatus on August 15, 2013