How Emotions Create Games or Toy Story

How Emotions Create Games, Toy Story

There is a whole lot of factors that could influence publisher’s decision to support a certain game developer. But when the game involves a cute puppy and a touching story it is definitely tough to pass by.

Game world tends to be very diverse when it comes to ideas and creative inspirations. Some are bizarre, some are intriguing and others are blatantly shallow. Somewhere in this pile of creativity there is a small group of personal ideas that are the most valuable ones. As an international publisher we get lots of pitches from all kinds of developers on daily basis, and of course we assess every detail of a project before making any sort of decision. And once in a while we are lucky to come across a game like Sweet Smash Story. It is good, quality game and although you wouldn’t expect us to say otherwise, the thing that clicked with us the very first time we heard about it was the human touch. 

Casual games starring cute animals are not something out of the ordinary, but Sweet Smash Story delivers the emotional approach many of them lack. The main character of the game is a puppy and not just the random one but with a proper background story.

Hereafter we are going to quote the developer to provide the best grip of the story:

“First there was a puppy. No. Actually, first was the decision to buy one. My son was 3 years old and you know how kids are at this age, when they want something really bad they focus all their energy on begging for it. And I just could not deny my son anything, regardless of a threat that I’m going to raise a spoiled kid. So the decision was made. We were going to buy a puppy.

My first choice was a maltese breed, cause these kind of dogs are fluffy, little and fit nicely into apartments. When I brought a puppy to our home, my son immediately ran to him and yelled: 'My toy!' So, the name was determined right there - Toy. Time passed and this tiny cutie-pie became a part of our family. My son takes very good care of him and they do lots of things together. One of my favorite scenes to watch is how my boy grabs the iPad, cuddles into the armchair with Toy on his side and shares all the excitement of passed levels with the doggy. And one day a brilliant thought crossed his mind. ‘Dad’, he asked, ‘Can you make Toy live in one of your games? So I could play with him even when he is not around. It would be so cool!’ And again I could not say no to my son. I figured ‘Why not?’

The idea was so tempting and inspiring. Initially the project was small, I was doing it just for fun, but then I understood that it could not only entertain my kid but other people might also have a good time with it. Then the process got hard, the game has grown greatly since the beginning. But I believe in it. And the next step is to make the world believe in it too, considering that my son’s idea is at stake.”
Here, at Renatus, we are to help Playcream with that! You could too!Stay tuned for the release and prepare yourselves to play hours of match 3 fun with a cute puppy by your side.Sweet Smash Story is coming soon to Facebook.

Meet the main hero of the story - Toy the Dog.

Posted by Renatus on September 17, 2014