Happy Anniversary, Renatus! Celebrating 3 Amazing Years in Gaming Business


Love lasts three years - is it the same for the love for games? Don’t think so.This week the social games publisher will have a week-long celebration of its existence in the highly competitive market. Let’s take a moment to remember Renatus’ most prominent days and achievements.

● July 2012 - A small team of game-obsessed guys sets up a new game publishing brand.

● October 2013 - Shaky game market ground is not that shaky anymore for Renatus with 10 million players and its own gamedev conference DevGAMM.

● September 2014 - Over 50 million players in user base, more than 30 various titles released across major game stores. 

● 2015 and on - The company adopts a strong puzzle-focused strategy to follow 2015’s trends - Match 3 and Bubble games only, launching Bubble Cheese, Ice Cream Splash and Cream Land as new smash hits. 

Now let’s get back to celebrations. Take a look at our 5 Day Gifts & Celebrations Schedule, and save the dates you’re personally interested in:

Day 1: Limited Freebie Gold in Ice Cream Splash - pretty helpful in making the first day of workweek truly enjoyable!

Day 2: Secret Bonuses inside Cream Land for authors of 10 first comments - a sort of speed test, where you can benefit from your creativity… and typing speed :) 

Day 3: Wallpaper August 2015 Calendar with Bubble Fluffy pets - get in the summer mood with the exotic animals lost in the jungle.

Day 4: Lottery - $100 credited to account in any Renatus game is the jackpot, and all you have to do is pick a number from 1 to 1000.

Day 5: Lottery Winner Announcement - randomizer will determine and we’ll announce someone, who is going to enjoy his weekend a bit more than the rest.

This is going to be an absolutely brilliant week, and we need you to stay with us throughout the celebration. Stay tuned, participate, have bonuses and lots of fun! 
Happy Birthday, Renatus!

Posted by Renatus on July 03, 2015