Happily Ever After: Renatus and DevGAMM Celebrate 3 Years of Cooperation


The largest conference for game developers and publishers DevGAMM has been around for 8 years. Three last and most successful years of its long way the conference team walked together with Renatus Media, a game publishing company that became its managing partner.

The first conference took place in Kyiv back in 2008. Organized by a group of young inexperienced enthusiasts with Lerika Mallayeva in charge, the event was called Flash Gamm and gathered around a 100 participants. Venues changed, format changed, but in 2013 the wind of changes was stronger than ever, that was the point when Renatus came in and acquired the event. After rebranding, the conference got a new name DevGAMM and a new ‘personality’ with stronger focus on the development of mobile, social, PC and console games.

The newly established alliance was useful to both: the conference received massive financial support and a team of professionals to take care of all the administrative and legal matters, while Renatus got its own space to search for new titles and partners, alongside multiple opportunities of moving the game industry forward.

The first mutually organized event was held in Kyiv in December 2013. With Renatus support, DevGAMM became a success that gathered 1,300 participants in two days (compared to 800 visitors of the final Flash Gamm event). Next year the conference made a stir in Moscow and moved permanently from Kyiv to Minsk, Belarus. Despite a slightly lower attendance, DevGAMMs held in Belarus are of same quality as Moscow ones when it comes to content, speakers or activities thanks to the local and Ukrainian community of game makers.

Over the last 3 years DevGAMM advanced in many ways. Today it is recognized as the largest conference for game developers across Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The attendance of events, no matter the venue, is growing every year. DevGAMM Moscow 2016 is so far the most crowded conference with its 1,600 attendees. That’s not the limit.

Moreover, DevGAMM is spreading geographically. According to the current schedule, the event is held twice a year in Moscow and Minsk correspondingly, but in summer of 2015 the team dared to expand to Western Europe. Supported by Renatus, local municipality and community of developers, the conference took place in Hamburg and revealed a huge potential for holding events in Europe. Right now the possibility of bringing DevGAMM to a new country in 2017 is being discussed, no details announced yet.

In course of time DevGAMM team has worked out a set of unique mini events the conference is known and liked for: the top visited Game Lynch, GAMM:Play showcase, an hour of business dates between publishers and developers called Speed Game Dating, DevGAMM Awards ceremony that evolved into a show of Academy Awards level featuring celebrity hosts, live music soundtrack concert and heart-melting speeches of the winners.

For years, experts from world’s top gaming companies and famous industry personalities from all over the world come to DevGAMM to deliver speeches on the most burning topics. By the way, DevGAMM conference was the first event in Eastern Europe to attract Nintendo, Twitch, teams behind Minecraft, Battlefield, Thomas Was Alone, Firewatch and many others.

For every single person inside a small DevGAMM team games are the air they breathe. So they are game-savvy, know all the trends and do whatever it takes to make content as burning and exclusive as it can be. Let’s remember some of the biggest surprises: premiere of a documentary film about indie game developers - “GameLoading: Rise of the Indies” in Russian or “People of the Year” Award Ceremony organized together with vc.ru.

Pitch & Match system has become one of the most useful introductions at the event. It drove the networking to the highest level, and DevGAMM joined the list of record holders in the number of appointments made with Pitch & Match tool. Recently DevGAMM introduced its own mobile app, which is very helpful and available free for all registered participants.

Preparation for the next DevGAMM that will take place in Minsk on November 10-11 are going at full speed. Jakub Dvorsky (Machinarium, Botanicula), Philipp Weber (The Witcher 3) and Mike Hines (Amazon) are announced as keynote speakers. A more detailed schedule will be available later on the official website. Renatus team is also busy solving organizational issues and planning meetings with partners.

Would you like to be part of the most productive game conference? Do you want to meet with Renatus team? Registration for DevGAMM is still open - select the type of your ticket and be our guest at DevGAMM Minsk 2016!

See you at DevGAMM this November!

Posted by Renatus on October 21, 2016