Hold on, Hamburg! DevGAMM is coming!


Even if you’re still relaxed after the summer holidays, buck up and register this very moment to the most productive event for game developers.

It’s less than a month before the start of DevGAMM Hamburg 2015, and the preparations are going full speed. Certainly you have already heard about DevGAMM before, if not, just google it and you’ll figure out how top-noch is this event! Let us give you a short outlook. DevGAMM was founded in 2008 by Lerika Mallayeva, the first event FlashGAMM brought together around 100 developers interested in Flash technologies. In 2009 FlashGAMM reached more than 800 people, which was a great achievement for a CIS event. In 2013 the conference got a new name (DevGAMM) and acquisition by the US-based game publisher Renatus Media.

In 2015 DevGAMM team has challenged themselves to 3 events per year and with Moscow conference gathering over 1400 participants we are off to a good start. Being our next stop, Hamburg is expected to draw over 1000 attendees.

The organizators have high hopes for the European event, because DevGAMM would be held in a completely new environment.
Europe opens up so many possibilities for organizers in the form - large international game companies, easier access to star speakers and strong support of gamecity:Hamburg.

It’s your chance to attend or even take part in any of the popular DevGAMM highlights:
★ Coming from CIS country? We’ll help you with visa invitation.
★ Have an experience to share? Become a speaker.
★ Striving for recognition? Visit DevGAMM Awards and will do the trick.
★ Need an expert to review your game? Sign up for GAMM:Play area.
★ Show your game to 20 game gurus in one hour only at Speed Game Dating.
★ Have the guts to get mocked in public? Game Lynch is the best option for you.
★ Hope to find employer or an employee? Go no further than Career Wall.
★ Are you a socialite? There is no place like DevGAMM party.
★ Need a free pass? Become a Volunteer at DevGAMM!
★ Write about games? You came to the right place. Welcome.

There is so much more you can do at DevGAMM Hamburg 2015. We will do everything in our power to make it worth your while.

Posted by Renatus on August 28, 2015