How to win free traffic for your Match 3 game with Renatus!

Win free traffic from Renatus, special offer for Match 3 developers

For the moment, Match 3 games are attaining a peak of popularity, so, to be abreast with gaming industry trends Renatus launched a special offer for Match 3 game developers.

You probably want to know more!
Anticipating your questions we compiled a list of answers for you.

Who’s eligible to participate?
All game developers, from small indie to large-scale studios, that have an off-the-shelf match 3 game can submit it for the publisher’s review. They should fill out a special form providing a link or attachment.

What is the procedure of review?
Your game is reviewed by a team of skilled game experts at Renatus. It takes 3-4 days to assess your game and provide our feedback. You will either get a congratulation letter and bonus, or a well-grounded decline explaining why your game is unfit for publishing.

What assessment criteria are used?
The game is assessed against basic criteria: ✓ setting ✓ art ✓ overall quality ✓ uniqueness of content.

What is the bonus?
All developers, whose games pass the Renatus’ review process, become lucky winners of free 30 K Facebook installs, 10K mobile and get tickets to DevGAMM Minsk 2014 known as the most productive game industry event for developers and publishers.  

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Posted by Renatus on September 10, 2014