First Gaming Beauty Contest on Facebook Invented by Renatus: Results Announced!


As you know, Renatus set up a contest to find out the most gorgeous female character from its games. On August 1, the fan community got the name of a lady winner: a red-haired warrior girl from Brave Tales, Diana, took the first place.

That was a truly exciting month, guys! 
Renatus team sends many thanks to all of you who gave votes from July 1 to August 1.

Nobody has ever done such competitions before, and it was very important to find your support. Luckily, the contest was a success: we’ve managed to win the attention of 12,000 Facebook users across all Renatus games communities. 

The competition was really tough: 8 totally different, yet very beautiful girls. 
Girls nominated the adventurous Sophy and a fearless detective from the future, Hell Girl, thinking one of them would get the crown. Some of our Renatus prophesied the victory of either cooking girl Julie, or time-travelling girl Jenny or cute Frog Princess from Bubble Magic 3D. And the male half, of course, put their bets on the most seductive females - the casino blondie Alice and “the daughter of the fields” Gabi...

✿ Diana - Brave Tales       
✿ Princess Frog - Bubble Magic 3D
✿ Princess Frog - Bubble Magic 3D
✿ Alice - SlotBoom
✿ Gabi - Puzzle Tale
✿ Julie - Bubble Cooking
✿ Sophy - Sophy Adventures

But Diana left all of them far behind! Brave, charismatic, and womanly - she turned out to be the perfect kind of girl for you. 

Was it the uncommon combination of power and grace? Fiery hair and slim figure? Or was it just pure luck? Tell us what you think, and describe your perfect character.

We promise to come up with more fresh contests and rewards very soon. 
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Posted by Renatus on August 06, 2014