Renatus is a team of highly qualified professionals specializing in game publishing and marketing on major mobile and social platforms: Facebook, iOS and Android. In Latin, Renatus means “born again” - we can give your game a chance to succeed!
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  • Professional team: We are a team of highly professional marketers analysts, game producers, PR and social media specialists.
  • Own funds: We possess our own finances necessary to provide substantial marketing activities and make your game a success.
  • Excellent customer service: We are available to answer you queries and address your concerns promptly and we are committed to providing the best customer service we can.
  • Flexible contractual commitments: Our legal team can assist you with a variety of legal questions and will prepare a custom partnership agreement to meet your specific requirements.
One of our most successful games is Slots Journey. Initially, the game was launched in Eastern Europe on local social networks. We localized it and scaled it to Western Europe and the US. Within weeks/months of launching on iOS, it became a top 10 grossing game on App Store and gained similar success on Android.

Renatus also provided a variety of marketing services and investments to Murka Games studio based in Silicon Valley, making it an international success.

We are a relatively young company. Yet, we are involved in more than 30 game projects. Please browse through our Games page and do stay tuned for updates.


First, we estimate your game based on various criteria such as graphics, game plot, usability, monetization model, etc. Then we decide how we can best help it to succeed. A good marketing strategy is essential. We define the right target audience, build a value proposition and work on game positioning.

We formulate promotional strategy, define marketing channels and create communication schedule. We develop marketing assets, such as videos, banners, text ads and other creative formats for your game.

We help to set up tracking and work together with you to optimize game performance.
Google Play, App Store and Facebook already have thousands of apps. To stand out in front of them and make your game successful, it is necessary to advertise your game and utilize other promotion methods.
Once your game is ready for the launch, we set up an initial advertising campaign in order to test virality and creative concepts, that runs for two weeks. We prepare a performance report and create a longer term marketing plan that includes a timeline and a set of performance objectives to be reached.
Renatus is looking to work with creative and enthusiastic game developers. Occasionally, a game can lack viral and engagement elements, quality design, or content. A game based on a new concept can require more marketing investment than usually to build awareness and drive more traffic. Don’t be discouraged, we can help. Our expert team will advise you on what to change or add in order to help your game become successful.
Our key platforms we publish games on are iOS, Android, Amazon and Facebook.
Since different platforms have different audiences, we will help you choose the right one for your game.
We can publish a game in any language. We do this as part of game localization. Please feel free to contact us with regard to your application and specific queries.


We are familiar with gaming markets of North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. As a part of our marketing strategy, we can help to localize and adapt your game to any of these markets.
Please contact us and we will see what we can do to make your idea become a reality.
Please contact us to discuss all the possible options for cooperation.
Yes, sure! Feel free to pass on our contact details to any interested party.