Travel with Sophy Adventures!


Explore the most exciting places of the world with Sophy!

Sophy is a young girl, who is in daring quest for mysterious Chintamany stone, which can make wishes come true. She needs it to bring back her parents, that have been lost in one of their journeys. All that Sophy has inherited from them is wanderlust and a thin notebook. Sophy is tender and kind, but she is determined to solve all the riddles she's got and do whatever it takes to achieve her goal.

Help Sophy to pass through all the tests and have an unforgettable journey to the most interesting and mysterious places of the world, where you can meet many unique personalities.

Game Features:
- FREE to play
- Large number of characters
- Gorgeous hand-drawn locations
- Wicked, but funny monsters
- Large variety of collectible items
- Different quest options
- Simple and clear gameplay
- Fascinating multiplayer
- Gifts and special offers

Posted by Renatus on May 21, 2013