Now Dream: Hidden Adventure Aims to Captivate Facebook Users


Would you like to have more hidden object games on Facebook?
Fresh blood! From today you're welcome to play Dream: Hidden Adventure online.

The “mind-reading” publisher, Renatus, knew it long before you even had the thought of it. One of the top trending game genres could not get overlooked by the company, known for publishing a multi-genre line of amazing mobile and social apps.

With 3 mobile platforms already “in the pocket”, the company chose to make Dream: Hidden Adventure available to the famous social network's public. The best thing about new Facebook version is that apart from the 'standard package', it has the game progress syncing feature. Nice, huh?

Facebook is now your door to the dazzlingly beautiful Dream world. Its floating dream-islands are chock-full of hidden objects to be found and its funny inhabitants are in full need of a savior to wipe out the Black hole. Perhaps, you're the one? To do it, you'll have to get through a number of immersive quests, complete dozens of rare collections, look for and exchange items and many more.

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Posted by Renatus on March 07, 2014