DevGAMM Moscow 2014: environment that can give you wings


Before Moscow had time to cool down after the flamboyant gamedev conference organized by Renatus, top bloggers and game industry specialists were madly typing their fingers off to share impressions.

The next morning after DevGAMM articles began shooting on the web like mushrooms. And they still do! If you want to compare your feelings about the event or learn what you've missed, check out the following must-reads.

App2Top overheard the thoughts of five great minds on mobile game industry. Without DevGAMM and this interview you would never find out that David Helgason doesn’t really know what to do to be in trend, or believe that FDG’s co-founder is puzzled over decrease in puzzle apps production. Joking aside, read it in full to get answers to highly topical questions. Quote: “Creativity finds its way back into mobile industry.”

Sergey Galyonkin wrote in his blog that the conference has improved greatly. Its perfect organization, game development orientation and, of course, tech entertainment brought by Unity Technologies were things that impressed him most. 

Quote: “Two days, sessions, indie, Unity and “thanks for podcasting.”

A more emotional picture of DevGAMM was created by a strange duet of game industry workers, whose joint article got published on Kanobu. One stated that DevGAMM fulfilled the pledge to be 'the most productive gaming event', bringing loads of useful contacts, and both underlined its spontaneous, open, warm atmosphere.
Quote: “... another reason to visit events like DevGAMM is inspiration.”

And one of Argoplay's journalists underlined the strengthening of link between developers and mass media that DevGAMM has made with special round table and topics that are still actively discussed on the web. 

Quote: “DevGAMM - a conference ... aimed at gathering game developers in one place for same purposes - sharing experience, search of talents and rewarding the best projects...”.

Read full reviews, or wait to watch sessions on the official website.

Bet, you already blame yourself for not visiting DevGAMM.
Don't! Better start preparing for the next one.

Posted by Renatus on May 27, 2014