DevGAMM Moscow 2014: Productivity and Fun - Two-in-One


Last week Moscow hosted one of the biggest events in CIS game industry - DevGAMM 2014. The new format and big-name speakers attracted over a thousand of people.

Game developers, publishers and media representatives invaded the lobby of Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel early in the morning on Thursday. Smiley volunteers handed out badges and branded shirts to enthusiastiс guests. Some of the participants were greeted loudly with admiration, like Sergey Galyonkin, who appeared to be the most popular person to take selfies with during his whole time at the conference. Welcomed guests were escorted to the second floor where the whole action was going to take place.

The conference had its primary focus on indie developers so they were on the forefront in GAMM:Play area. It was a nice opportunity to show off their games and get feedback from the industry professionals. There were so many young and aspiring people who are the future of game industry and hopefully this conference gave them the push in the right direction.

Our speaker No.1 was David Helgason, CEO and co-founder of Unity Technologies. In his speech David shared some really amazing best practices, told about Unity's path to success, mentioned successful projects built with Unity.
Check out video with his speech on YouTube:

DevGAMM Moscow 2014 featured great speakers who shared their experiences and knowledge with targeted audience. If you were at home during the conference but followed the #DevGAMM hashtag you would definitely get a peek at everything that was happening:

Amiko-chan from KitchenRiots together with Unity Technologies showed us that cosplay is still a trend:

Lots of developers were eager to hear the scoop of Unity 5, even the youngest ones:

Rami Ismail from Vlambeer inspired so many indies to create consistent stories and answer the questions “why?” at every stage of their work:

Gamy Lynch was the highlight of the second day. Game developers were mostly crushed by industry professionals and the audience decided to drink them under the table:

Renatus team was able to experience every bit of the conference. We took part in the organization, held many productive business meetings, found great games on Speed Game Dating, enjoyed helpful sessions and had such a fun time. Renatus girls poured drinks and served food on the first day rescuing crowds of thirsty and hungry developers.

The most challenging thing we did was choosing the Best Indie Game at DevGAMM Awards. We’ve looked at so many quality ideas, but TurnOn with that little light sparkle and beautifully designed background won over our hearts:

We are so proud to be a part of this huge event!
Looking forward to the next DevGAMM this year!

Posted by Renatus on May 20, 2014