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Bubble Journey
Put on your cocked hat, set the sails and take off towards the most amazing adventure of your life! The magic bubble world of pirates and chests filled with gold is waiting for you. Make the main dream of your childhood come true with a couple of mouse clicks!

Bubble Journey | Game Details
Bubble Journey is a colourful and rousing Match 3 Shooter game with infinite levels. Become a pirate, visit islands in search of treasure and win battles for coins.

Don’t think that you’ll have to confront vicious sea rovers, your main enemies will be nasty bubbles. Train your cannon and shoot as many bubbles as you can making them burst or fall into the barrels. Be always prepared to meet new challenges, for each level is more complicated than the previous one, and receive generous awards in form of bonuses and amulets.

Enjoy one-of-the-kind mechanics, nice graphics and a symphony of sounds accompanying every movement of bubbles. No sea-sickness or fear of water is able to stop you from sailing the seas in a crazy Bubble Journey!

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