Brave Tales: The Final Countdown to Long-Expected Release Begins!


The 1st day of August is expected to be very hot: not only in terms of summer season, but as a result of speedily rising tension on the threshold of new social game release.Brave Tales is a promising RPG with elements of strategy that will soon be published by Renatus on Facebook.

The Avallon Alliance studio created a wonderful game with a plot unfolded in the fictitious (or real – who may know it for sure!) world called the Patchworld for its resemblance to a patchwork blanket. Consisting of various locations as if borrowed from other universes and being inhabited by vicious bears and Brownies along with mighty fearless heroes, the Patchworld is doomed to be an eternal battlefield for the Good vs. Evil confrontations. Naturally, a player is on the good side and has to participate in multiple battles switching from Warrior to Archer, Healer or other characters by turn.It goes to show that the game debut date is associated with generous gifts from publishers and developers. Luckily, this one isn’t an exception!
To express thanks for supporting Brave Tales from the very outset and to attract new players, we would like to announce a contest. Winners will be rewarded with valuable prizes.It will take you just a few seconds to have a chance to win:

1) Go to Brave Tales Community page on Facebook
2) ‘Like’ the Community and wait!
On July 31 at 11 p.m. PST, the unbiased randomizer will select fifty lucky winners. Why lucky? Because a one-time gift of 500 gold coins will be given to them as soon as they decide to play Brave Tales. The start is on August 1. Half a thousand of coins spent on chests of various quality, for example, will give access to unique weapons that make players almost invincible during battles.

Don’t miss the opportunity to successfully start your exciting adventure through the Patchworld! Very soon on Facebook!
Posted by Renatus on July 23, 2013