May 28

New Day - New Platform. Bubble Chronicles: Epic Travel Amazon Release

Do you hear the bubble popping sound? Not yet? Then let me tell you about the most excited thing we have for you today! Imagine two perplexed kids who just found out that their beloved grandfather disappeared. He really messed things up with his time machine and got lost somewhere in the endless number of epochs. ...
Posted by Renatus on May 28, 2014
Apr 28

DevGAMM Moscow 2014 Brings Indie and Big Business Together

In a couple of weeks DevGAMM 2014 will open its doors to gather around 1,500 gaming industry specialists from all over the world. Most attendees are anxious about Unity@DevGAMM, an exclusive all-day event featuring key figures from Unity Technologies. ...
Posted by Renatus on April 28, 2014
Feb 14

Love Is In the Air: Spread, Share, Play

Are you in love, sweethearts? We are! Renatus has been in love since its very first days. We adore our fans and invite everyone to celebrate St. Valentine's Day with Renatus games. ...
Posted by Renatus on February 14, 2014