Oct 23

Why We Love DevGAMM

This past weekend game industry professionals from different parts of the world  gathered at DevGAMM Minsk 2014 to celebrate games, share insights and find like-minded people. And Renatus company is proud to be a part of this amazing event. ...
Posted by Renatus on October 23, 2014
Oct 15

Get a Second Chance - Renatus Prolongs the Special Offer for Match 3 Developers

It’s been a good month for Renatus Media, whose team barely got time to process applications from game developers. Truth be told, we didn’t expect there would be so many match 3 games (and good ones!). Nonetheless, some free traffic still got left and Renatus made a decision to prolong the offer for unlimited period. ...
Posted by Renatus on October 15, 2014
Sep 17

How Emotions Create Games or Toy Story

How Emotions Create Games, Toy Story
There is a whole lot of factors that could influence publisher’s decision to support a certain game developer. But when the game involves a cute puppy and a touching story it is definitely tough to pass by. ...
Posted by Renatus on September 17, 2014