Feb 06

8 Tips for Aspiring Match 3 Developers

Are you thinking of creating your first match 3 game, but have no notion of where to start? Then this article is for you. We will try to help you understand the basic points to which you should pay attention when initiating development of this kind of project. ...
Posted by Renatus on February 06, 2015
Dec 25

Mobile and Social Gaming Industry: 2014 Highlights

Mobile and social gaming industry highlights 2014
The year 2014 flew by like a spark, and now the question is: was this 365-day ‘spark’ big enough to start a fire, or will it fade out right after the New Year’s celebration? Let’s highlight the most significant aspects of mobile and social gaming industry for entire 2014 and try to figure out how it will change in the year to come. ...
Posted by Renatus on December 25, 2014
Nov 27

How to Make a Good Sequel to Your Game

To create a game hit from scratch or to make a good part two for the existing project? Which of the two options is a shortcut to success? The answer is not that obvious as it may seem, for sequel production may be a hard nut to crack. ...
Posted by Renatus on November 27, 2014