Apr 15

How to make a quality game video

We continue our series of "How to" articles. This time we will share our experience on creation of the so-called promotional videos or game trailers. ...
Posted by Renatus on April 15, 2016
Feb 10

Renatus welcomes you in a new gamedev season

Renatus welcomes you in a new gamedev seasonTo keep pace with the rapidly evolving gaming market, you must try to be innovative, flexible in your aspirations and constantly track new game trends. Here are the main trends due to which the mobile gaming market will continue its rapid growth. ...
Posted by Renatus on February 10, 2016
Jan 29

Tips for Developers: Getting an Idea for a New Game

It all begins from idea. In a perfect world the moment you think you need a good idea it is born in your mind, solid and destined to be a success. In the real world even the most talented developer or game designer may sooner or later have a crisis of ideas.    ...
Posted by Renatus on January 29, 2016
Nov 26

DevGAMM Minsk 2015: Not a Single Year Without Premiere

It is already a nice tradition for us to spend end of the year at DevGAMM conference. On December 10-11 Belarus will host this largest international gaming event in the Russian-speaking countries for the second time. Let’s check out what these two days will be like for the attendees. ...
Posted by Renatus on November 26, 2015