Wow! Beauty Contest: VOTE to Pick the Most Good-Looking Female Character of Renatus Games


Renatus invented a new way to entertain its games' fans. Right until July 31, all Facebook users are free to vote for any female character from any game brought by the publisher.

For the whole summer month, Facebook community is meant to become a penal of judges to award the Miss Renatus Games title.

The rivalry is going to be tough! The beauty pageant features 8 absolutely different females and includes several selection stages.

I want to vote, what shall I do?
Just check the list below to decide on the cutest character, and vote on Renatus page 
❤ ❤
The most active voters will get a sweet bonus – don't miss your chance.

I never played any of your games.
Then it's the best time to start playing! Click on links to get familiar with the contestants right in the game.

 Play Bubble Chronicles Diamond Edition 

 Play Bubble Cooking Adventure 

 Play Sophy Adventures

 Play Mystery Revenge

 Play Brave Tales

 Play SlotBOOM

Let's pick Miss Renatus Games together!

Posted by Renatus on July 07, 2014