Tips for Visiting DevGAMM


DevGAMM is a large event dedicated to game development that takes place twice a year in Belarus and Russia. The conference offers two days of highly varied content and activities and is known for homelike cosy atmosphere.

Renatus company has been by their side for 3 years fulfilling the managing partner duties, seeing the inside of event preparation and witnessing its growth.

We know that it’s not only about selling out tickets and making business, DevGAMM team does care about people who come to visit the event and care that they have productive experience.

Jointly with DevGAMM team we’re bringing some tips for visiting conferences!

They may apply to any future events you attend.

1. Before the event

Early bird catches the worm…. And low-price tickets :) So, follow the event social media or sign up for newsletter to never miss a sale or deadline on tickets.

Appoint meetings early. With a recently introduced Pitch & Match system it got easier than ever: register, log in, browse the list of attendants and select from the available time slots to appoint a meeting. There’ll be a special Pitch & Match area where you get your own table and a coordinator that can answer any question.

Make a schedule of your entire stay. Once you get the final event program, make up a list of speakers/tracks/discussions/activities you must visit and plan your route using the free mobile DevGAMM app available on Google Play and the App Store. Sessions take course in 4-5 halls, so choose carefully to make sure you don’t miss the most valuable content or a worthy game show (such as Game Lynch). FYI, Game Lynch is a must-see activity where gaming experts are lynching 5 games on the spot, and game developers are defending their titles. Uncensored! DevGAMM Minsk 2016 will feature a premiere Anti-Lynch. Seven experts will find faults and offer fixes for 3 selected games.  

Stock up on takeaways. It goes without saying that you must print business cards, make T-shirts with your logo or order branded cupcakes before the event. Main point here is work out a strategy: think how it is better for your brand to stand out and how your takeaways should look like to be kept and not thrown to garbage.

Pre-register for exclusive activities. At DevGAMM Minsk 16 there will be several events that are accessible only via pre-registration. Make sure to sign up for closed iOS workshop: only the first 30 registered participants will get a pass. Try to get to Unreal Party, a product of Vizor and Epic Games collaboration that will feature a rock band concert on top of high class food, drinks and talks.  

2. At the event

Live event has one obvious advantage: high density of industry professionals per square metre. DevGAMM gathers all the people you want to meet at the same place at the same time. You can probably reach them online but personal meeting is more effective and time-saving.

General tip for everyone: don’t just stand and wait, step in and network.
Trust us, industry events are the place where a lot of brilliant collaborations and connections once started their way.

Try not to come down on people’s head randomly. It’s always better to plan what you’re going to ask and whom you’re going to talk to in advance and address them with specific questions or offers if you seek cooperation.  

And just a few more tips if you are a ...

Game developer.
The purpose of your visit is most likely to find a publisher or just create a buzz around your game. The best option is to submit for GAMM:Play. You’ll get your own table for 3 hours to showcase your title, draw attention and gather feedback. Make sure you have a fully charged device with a playable build that demonstrates the best of your game and add branding where possible.

Game publisher.
Take part in Speed Game Dating. It’s an hour of uninterrupted 3-minute meetings of publishers and developers where you will see 20 quality games and probably find “the One”.

Job seeker or recruiter.
Go to the Career Wall where you can find the latest (and most likely unannounced) job offers and from the leading companies. If you are a recruiter, for a small price you can get your own spot at the wall to attract the best candidates.

Our final advice for everyone is: don’t forget to have fun.Сome on guys, we’re in the industry of entertainment, it’s our duty to relax and hang out with industry mates. DevGAMM offers plenty of such opportunities:

*Visit 4 cool 
parties sponsored by Chartboost, Vizor, Epic Games and, of course, Renatus to mingle and chat and have a good time;
*Be part of new DevGAMM Quest, complete tasks and try to win one of several amazing prizes;
*Attend DevGAMM Awards and People of the Year ceremonies to see the most influential figures of gamedev and the best games of 2016.

Now you’re ready for DevGAMM! See you on November 10-11 in Minsk on the most productive gaming event!
Posted by Renatus on November 04, 2016