Tips for Surviving in the Gaming Market


We have a lot of articles referring to the game publisher Renatus as a gaming industry professional. The producers talked about their projects, marketing managers shared their experiences and game media journalists communicated with PR department multiple times.

Recently there was an article on - one of the largest Russian websites, which is dedicated to online business start-ups and everything connected with it. In order to attract attention to his upcoming report on the conference DevGAMM, Leonid Sirotin, the independent expert and former general producer of Game Insight, asked gamedev professionals about the tips for surviving in the gaming industry they would like to share with their newcomer colleagues.

Game producer at Renatus decided to share his "commandments":
"1. Never try to make a game of your dream.
2. Always be subjected to all the doubts and look at the game from different angles.
3. Study the market, choose your audience, do not try to appeal to everyone.
4. Think about all the possible ways of distributing your game.
5. Break the Production phase into periods with short-term milestones. Properly dispose of your resources.
6. Find reason for every detail in your game.
7. Collect feedback about the game from all possible sources. Do not be afraid to ask questions and consult. "

Leonid Sirotin promises to determine the winner by the number of points that coincide with his own. Well, we’re looking forward to DevGAMM and hope that the report of the expert will attract as much attention as his Facebook post did.
Posted by Renatus on March 24, 2015