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Sweet Land
Have you been to Sweet Land?
This sweet world is inhabited by sugary candies that like to mix. To see it, strangers must pay their price – complete challenging match 3 puzzles on every step. But the adventure is worth it!

Sweet Land | Game Details

You’ll find crowds of unwrapped, colorful, glossy candies inside. Hold your tongue and keep eyes open for the longest possible lines of same colored sweets. With each traced line, you score points, create super-candies and generate massive candy explosions. Swe-e-et!

Devote yourself to breath-taking exploration of the animated map containing around 100 levels to beat in several lands. While some are milk and honey, others may be real hard nuts.
Get ready to:
☺ Break dark and milk chocolate bars
☻ Avoid honey drops that change the candy's color
☺ Destroy mushrooms blocking your way
☻ Plop chewing gum bubbles

Sweet Land’s most delicious features:
- extra levels: turn of the main road and play
- ever-changing level goals and playground patterns
- smashing power-ups you’ve never tried before (Jester, Magic Wand, etc.)
There is no other place in the game world like Sweet Land!

Sweet Land is available on Facebook.
Not much time left to work up appetite!

Outstanding level progress is rewarded with valuable diamonds.