3 Reasons to Sign Up for a New Offer by Renatus & Playtestix

special offer for match 3 game developers on Facebook & iOS

It’s only 7 days before a new joint project for game developers by Renatus Media and Playtestix gets launched. It sounds as a good opportunity for getting free traffic, having your game tested profoundly at a cut price and finding breaches in your game’s UX.

Playtestix performs in-depth user testing of games and applications on a wide range of mobile & desktop devices, and Renatus publishes mobile and social games to the world’s major platforms.

These two companies have just announced they’re launching a revolutionary offer for game developers on September 1. To apply, you need a ‘match 3’ or ‘bubble shooter’ and desire to publish it with Renatus. Read on to know what you can get:
 Professional playtest of your game involving a focus group with 25 respondents and new evaluation category - publishing potential, that indicates a game’s success on the market!
 Free 50 000 installs on Facebook and 10 000 installs on iOS for your app in case of good test results (not less than 80% from the maximum score)
 Reduced price on special testing by Playtestix - only $599

All this could become real if you wish to publish your next title with Renatus Media.
Submit your application here and good luck!

Posted by Renatus on August 26, 2014