Renatus: Three wonderful days at White Nights: Mobile Games Conference


Renatus team is back from the White Nights Conference and ready to share its impressions.As you may know, this gaming event was held on June 27-28 in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Saint Petersburg.

The conference took its name from the like natural phenomenon – a magical summer period, when day reigns over night leaving no chance for darkness to fill in the streets of the sleeping city. Season it with spectacular views of Northern Palmyra and you’ll get a long-lasting impression!

The informal opening of the White Nights Conference took place on June 26 – a networking party brought together the most active and interested participants. Snacks and refreshing drinks in the company of game industry professionals from all over the world and talks about nothing but games-games-games… Certainly, we couldn’t miss it! Our team had a pleasure of establishing many useful contacts along with enjoying terrific views of night St. Petersburg,the Neva River and its famous drawbridges from the deck of a pleasure boat.Successful start was followed by fruitful conference participation. We had more than 30 meetings with game developers and representatives of marketing companies. 

World-famous game developing and publishing companies, like Rovio, Supercell, i-Free, Game Insight, Big Fish and G5, internet magnates Google, Facebook and Microsoft, as well as representatives of analytics platforms App Annie, Flurry and Distimo shared their experience with us and other listeners.
The second day of the conference was particularly exciting, as the member of Renatus team, Darya Lopatko, presented her speech on “How To Monetize Non-Paying Players: Case Studies”. It was mainly dedicated to game audience segmenting. Darya talked about the importance of dividing audience into segments, paying and non-paying players of free-to-play games and approach to each segment of users.

Here’s a couple of tips:
- don’t show ads to users who made at least 1 in-app purchase;
- inform players about special offer only when it’s really needed;
- provide all banner ads with ‘close’/ ‘return to the game’ buttons.
Find out more by watching: Video of the speech (available in Russian).Or follow the link to view the presentation (available in Russian).We are happy with the results of our visit to White Nights and grateful to Nevosoft, the company that organized this brilliant event!
Posted by Renatus on June 16, 2013